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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Review: Watch Your Back by Karen Rose

A cold case reopened. A murderer re-emerging more deadly than ever before…

Baltimore Homicide Detective Stevie Mazzetti has suffered losses no woman should have to endure. And, despite it all, she’s still a fighter. When she learns that her ex-partner might have miscarried justice, she’s determined to put the past to rights, even when she becomes a target.

It’s former Marine Clay Maynard’s job to see the risk in every situation, but he doesn’t have to look hard to find the danger surrounding Stevie. Since the minute he first saw her, Clay has wanted to protect the wounded officer, and he started loving her not long after that. So when Stevie attracts the attention of a vicious psychopath, Clay will do whatever it takes to keep her alive. That is, if he can stay ahead of a killer with everything to lose—and something terrifying to hide...

Watch Your Back is another winner by Karen Rose. This book is filled with suspense and had a touching romance as well. The hero and heroine both have unresolved issues from their pasts that they help each other confront. They are both very likeable characters, and I appreciated the deep love that was between them even as Stevie struggled with the thought of loving another man. The villain was truly evil and the descriptions of his actions were quite scary. As with the other Karen Rose books I have read, this was an intense, engrossing book. I also loved catching up with Characters from the previous books.

Kudos to the author for making me fall hard for the character of Clay, I love that he never gave up on Stevie and the fact that his relationship with Cordelia was something he wanted regardless if Stevie chose to be with him.And kudos to the character of Steve for being a realistic kind of person who doesn't whine or carry a grudge, otherwise she never would have had her hot, steamy moments with the loyal and sexy Clay. Loved these two together!  I loved the romance part of the book. The dynamic between Clay and Stevie was fantastic - the rough, tough PI man and the grieving but pissed off cop who had already broken his heart. There was some serious chemistry there. So much sexual tension. Even though it was a long way through the book before they could finally act on that tension, I didn't mind. It added to the anticipation and let the characters get to trust each other again. They were able to realize they actually liked each other and weren't just sexually attracted.

On the whole, this was just a really solid book that was enjoyable cover-to-cover. I couldn't wait to keep reading, whenever I had to put it down. So I glad that I chose this series and got a chance to read Watch Your Back I'll be looking forward to the next addition to the series.

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