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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jesse by C.H. Admirand

Lonely, and dealing with the pain of having his heart ripped from his chest, twice. Jesses Garahan life completely changes when he comes across two damsels in distress, a mother and her tiny spit fire cowgirl daughter on the side of the road in Pleasure, Texas.

Danielle Brockway now a newly single mother, and very protective of her daughter. She is determined to not get hurt again by some dark haired cowboy, no matter how badly her body reacts when she is close to his.

C.H Admirand really hit close to home personally with “Jesse”. Watching a single mother struggling to start over, protecting her daughter while trying hard to fight her bodies urges when it comes to the attraction of some handsome stranger. Though I don’t know the author’s personal story but to get me to cry in the middle of reading makes me think there is a possibility she’s lived the life of some of her characters. Without a doubt one of the best western romances I have read, and will for sure catch up with her series. So if your looking for a book that has a deep, heart felt story then I suggest you read this book along with the others. Enjoy!