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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dead Awake by Lizzie T. Leaf

Lizzie T. Leaf is a fab author who knows how to make her reader laugh so hard that they almost end up peeing! (Not me, of course, *cough-cough* ;) This amazing series kicks off with the story of the beautiful Deb Stein & her "very frustrating & completely unexpected" death & re-birth from a spoiled over-sexed, loaded socialite into a dirt poor vampire, thanks to the mesmerizing, sexy vampire, Aaron Lowell. Now, some of us wouldn't cope well well with suddenly finding ourselves without our Dolce & Gabbana clothes or even worse, *gasps*, our Manalo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos, and Deb is no different. Her first thought as she wakes up as a vamp is to get out of the coffin & find her Jimmy Choos! But, life...err..death, has other plans for Deb and she finds out that she can't go home again, as the "Deb Stein" everyone once knew, is now dead! So, what is a brilliant, beautiful & versatile modern young vampire to do, with no money, no clothes, no roof over her head & no way to get future income? Why, she becomes a female exotic dancer & takes on the wonderfully wacky moniker of Dovey Divine, as she works her way into being a former human, re-awakened as a female vamp & plots her revenge against the sexy vamp, Aaron, who was responsible for her undesirable change!! As "Dovey", the former Deb Stein now has to learn how to deal with the fact that even though she is supposed to be kosher, due to her Jewish upbringing, she now has no choice, as blood is a required daily source of nutrition! On top of all her excitement, we find out that Dovey has some previously hidden dancing skills & she rocks the exotic dancing scene! But can all this good luck remain with Dovey, or does a chance encounter with a member of her former life end up causing more trouble than she can handle? And can she ever forgive Aaron for her unintended change? Pick up this riotously hysterical book from the funny, brilliant & beautiful Lizzie T. Leaf!! This lady is one talented writer who has some major skills and Dead Awake is a short story that you will love and laugh with, from beginning to end!

Waking up to discover you're dead isn't a gal's idea of fun!
Deb Stein loved to party until she took the hunk dressed as a vampire to her bed. Now she's one of the living dead and pissed about it. Plus, she has to find a new identity and WORK! 

The "Dead" Series with release dates:
Dead Awake ~ July 20, 2012
Dead Hunter ~ August 3, 2012
Dead Faint ~ August 17, 2012
Dead Memory ~ August 31, 2012

Five Hearts!


Review done by blogger: Vicki Rose, for several web sites, including this one.

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