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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


They say trouble comes in pair, and boy, what a pair these two makes. The alpha and omega, ex-Seal, leader of of the pack, Frank "Boss" Knight is being tested beyond his endurance, mind you, it's not the sort of excitment like fighting the bad guys, but from the sexy temptress who happened to be the baby sister of one of his comrades, Rebecca "Rebel" Reichert. According to Boss, Becky is a walking arsenal. The way she walks, swinging those luscious hips around whenever she takes a step, her mesmerizing voice, any man who had the privilege of knowing her, can't help but either liked her or fell in love with her. But don't let those beautiful eyes fools you. She's a dare devil and the best mechanic in town, she can yeild a wrench just as good as any male mechanics, maybe even better.

But in Becky's case, Frank is just the distraction she needed, or so she thought. Not that Becky's life was dull or uneventful, as owner of a chopper shop, she has all the fun and adventures she needed riding her Harley. However, upon meeting Frank Knight, Becky knew she was in trouble. Frank is bossy, intimidated, and his look will put any man in his place. But not Becky, she has always been able to keep up the hard exterior of her image, no man is going to boss her around, in her own shop. But being so close to Frank, he stirred her desires, tempted her passion with those covert eyes, as if he was undressing her where she stood. It's only a matter of time until either one of them give in.

Passion, danger, excitement, you'll find it all in this 2nd installment of Black Knights Inc. And since this is my first time reading Ms Walker's novel, I was very impressed with IN RIDES TROUBLE. It definitely lives up to its name, edgy, super hot and sexy, the Black Knights Inc men will leave you breathless. So if you like living on the edge, enjoy life with a little bit of spice, the Black Knights Inc series is definitely for you. I've fallen in love with all these special men and is looking forward for more of this series.

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