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Friday, April 28, 2017

Review 4/5 Hot Witness by Lynn Raye Harris


Hot Witness is part of the MacKenzie Family Collection and superbly written by Lynn Raye Harris.  I haven’t read the first three books in this collection, but from what I have read in book 4 I will be sure to read from book 1.

The novella centres around Jake Ryan who used to be member of the Brothers of Sin Motorcycle Club until a judge gave him an ultimatum; prison or military.  He became a better person and never looked to that life again until Washington Dc ask him to infiltrate them and protect a witness.  This is where things heat up.

Eva Gray is the opposite of what she was when her sister first starting interacting with the Brothers, before she disappeared forever.  In the attempt to find justice and revenge Eva changes everything about her to infiltrate the Brothers and is succeeding, what could possibly get in the way?

If Eva and Jake can fight the chemistry between them long enough to end the “bad guys” they might just survive this operation.  The story has action, fantastic characters and enough heat to keep you reaching for a nice cold drink of water.

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