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Friday, February 5, 2016

4/5 Review: Make You Mine by Jackie Ashenden

He's raising the stakes.

International playboy Alex St. James always plays to win. Whether it's betting on a high-stakes card game—or bedding a high-class socialite—the gorgeous world-class gambler knows how to beat the odds using his brains, his body, and a whole lot of charm. But there's one woman who's immune to Alex's bag of tricks—which makes her the perfect challenge…and the ultimate prize.

She's going all in.Once a special operative in her native Russia, Katya Ivanov knows what kind of man Alex is. As his personal bodyguard, she's seen him seduce the richest women, place the riskiest bets, and break the hardest players. But to even a score from her past, she's willing to take a gamble on her reckless boss. Even if she has to pretend to be his lover. Even if he drives her mad with desire. And then she never wants this dangerous game to end…

When I first started reading Make You Mine by Jackie Ashenden, I was not an Alex fan.  He was arrogant and too self absorbed.  It was as I read further that I realized that he was using that as a cover to hide who he really was.  He was obviously not over what happened to him in the past and used his charm and quick mind to become who he is.  He is great at reading people, making him one of the best card players.  When he sees an opportunity, he takes it.  Take Katya for example.  She is his bodyguard, the best of the best.  She shows no emotions, gets the job done and has the hots for her boss.  Once Alex sees the flicker of emotion in her, he pounces.  She is his target.  Knowing she has a last minute rescue mission in Russia and needs his resources, he uses it to his advantage.  Before he helps her she needs to help him. 
The way the story unfolded was incredible.  It starts you off slow and gives you a small taste of what to expect then it grabs you and will not let go until the last page.  I admire Katya.  Her sense of honor and duty are amazing but once she gets a taste of Alex she doesn't want to let go.  Jackie did an incredible job with this story and it is a definite recommendation of mine.

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