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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Review: Shadow's Passion by Molle McGregor

I recently found this author browsing on Amazon late one night, didn't know it would become one of my new favorite series. Surprisingly, I love the book more than I had expected to. The premise have a fresh look, woven into the plot and the setting. Plus the characters chemistry wasn't rushed and they had time to develop the relationship into something wonderful. I literally couldn't put the book down because of the suspense so I ended up staying up all night to finish it. The book was so well written it kept me on suspense and my mind was so curious to know what will happen next, so I keep turning the pages without realizing I was doing it. As a Warder, Gabe was sexy and heroic. He have a sense of honor even though there were times I just want to beat his head for being stubborn. Anyway, I ended up falling in love with Gabe and Celeste. If you are looking for a quick read or to start a new series, definitely check out the Shadow Warder Series by the talented Molle McGregor. The series is steamy, hot, sexy, and adventurous. It will leave you panting for more hawtness! P.S. I love it so much I had to find the next book in the series and pre-order it, Shadow's Awaken here I come!

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