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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rescue my Heart by Jill Shalvis

Adam Connelly returns to Idaho and to the animal shelter he owns with his brothers Belle Haven, after a horrible stint in the National Guards. All he wanted was to be alone. Opening the door to the past, is the women whose heart he broke. She is still tough-as-nails, gorgeous as all hell, but is unusually vulnerable this time.

Learning the hard way, Holly knows to never depend on a man for anything. Now, she needs the last man she ever wanted to see. She needs someone with tracking skills to help find her father who is missing in the Bitterroot Mountains.

Each with their own ghosts, a trek this desperate, this unpredictable, and intimate, will have its own share of risks for both Holly and Adam, including opening their hearts once more.
Jaw dropping, and absolutely well written! The title itself explains the story so well, both Holly and Adam having to rescue not only their own hearts but help each other doing so. I have never experienced a love that was taken away from me and then down the road I was able to try and get it back. But man oh man did Jill pull me in, I began to think about what I would have done in Holly’s position. Now I am drawn in to go back and learn about the others and looking forward to the upcoming book next year.
EXCERPT:  There was a fine line between being exhausted and being comatose, and Adam Connelly had just about found it. He’d been two nights without sleep, half that without food, and his shoulder hurt like hell where his shirt was sticking to his open wound.

It was hard to feel much past the heart-pounding adrenaline surge still making his limbs quiver, but the pain managed to creep through. The freezing burn of the sleet slapping him in the face didn’t help either as he opened his pack and shoved in his gear. Later, he’d have to take it all back out again and carefully repair, clean, and repack everything after the unexpected rescue, but for now he wasn’t particularly inclined toward much besides getting the hell out of there.

Milo stood at his side, still in his search and rescue vest, attentive to their surroundings even though he had to be as done in as Adam. Knowing it, Adam forced a few deep breaths to try and slow his heart rate. “What do you think?” he asked, pretending he wasn’t fighting his still knocking knees to hold him up. “Food, sleep . . . or a woman?”

Milo nudged the pocket of the daypack where his food was kept.

Adam shook his head, finding some humor in the day, after all. “You always vote for food.”

The ten-month-old yellow lab seemed to smile at that. He was a search-and-rescue dog now, but not too long ago, he’d been nothing more than a scrappy, unwanted pup. In Milo’s world, food still trumped everything else.

Adam got that. After all, like tended to recognize like. Besides, sleep was overrated, and it wasn’t as if a woman had been on his calendar, anyway. Hell, a woman hadn’t been even a glimmer of a possibility in too long to contemplate.

His own fault. “Food it is, then,” he said, and realized in spite of still shaking and sweating, he was starving, too. That was a good sign, he decided. It meant that the PTSD had been kicked down to a lowly 3 on the scale, when two years ago it would’ve been at a 10.5, not to mention wholly consuming him.


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