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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

C J Hollenbach BBL Hunk

CJ Hollenbach graduated w/ a degree in Graphic Design and was told “we aren‘t looking for models today…” His last interviewer told him “if you‘re not a model you should be! Come back with pictures…” He has done Midwestern print work including; Tool catalogues, Father’s Day Sale ads, Trucker’s wear catalogue. His television appearances include: Entertainment Tonight, The Joan Rivers Show, Gordon Elliott, CNN, M-TV. First romance novel cover “The Stone Maiden” in 1999 for author Susan King. He writes for romance periodicals “I’ll Take Romance” and “Romantic Times” and is currently writing a screenplay. His latest book cover is for Kate Hoffman’s Golden Heir, the latest release in the Golden series, CJ is the main model for this series.

Fun Facts:
  1. My original birth name was “Nickolas.” I was born on St. Nickolas Day, Dec. 6th
  2. I was voted “Funniest” & “Most Talanted” in high school
  3. I have been in BOTH Playboy & Playgirl(twice) magazines
  4. I was asked to be on Meatloaf’s comeback album cover, but had to turn it down…OUCH!
  5. Was the first male model to appear on an Ellora’s Cave Publishing’s novel
  6. Was a teen reported for a newspaper while still in high school
  7. I was originally a Fine Arts major in college-Painting
  8. I met and worked with one of the last living Munchkins from the “Wizard Of Oz”, Mickey Carroll
  9. Was the first ever “Mr. Romance Novel Cover Model Pageant” in San Diego at a Romantic Times convention
  10. Was one of the oldest(Ouch again!) competitors on The American Gladiators Show

Golden Heir

When Cristiano discovers he is the next ruling prince of Concordia-a small principality between Italy and Austria-he is dismayed, liking his life as an art dealer in Florida. His mother tries to force him to accept, but he will not listen. His dilemma becomes more serious when he falls in love with Sophia, owner of several flourishing boutiques. Will Cristiano change his mind once he spends some time in his new country, and will Sophia support him? A distant cousin who covets the Concordia throne tries to drive Cristiano away by various sneaky plots. Will he succeed or will his schemes sharpen Cristiano's determination to be a good prince to his people?


About the Author
Kate Hofman was born in The Netherlands, lived in London, England when she was eighteen. Majored in Art History w/ a minor in Interior Design. Moved to Montreal, Canada where she could get paid for being fluent in French. She owned and operated an art gallery for twelve years. Her friend Nina Bruhns urged her to write and in five years wrote two dozen books. Rose Brungard used her own expertise and sent long teaching e-mails, which helped a lot. Thea Devine taught her to play “What If” when writing isn’t going well. Most recently, she has been giving generous help, encouragement and advice to Jennifer Mueller, who provided the stunning cover art for all her books published by Romance At Heart.


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  1. My favorite part is decorating the tree and spending time with family. Baking cookies with my Dad is some of the best times in the world.

  2. My favorite part is the COOKIES!

  3. Great book covers, Kate! As for Christmas... I love unpacking old ornaments from when I was a kid, and those that my sons made when they were in grade school, and hanging them all around the house.

  4. Lots of great covers with great hunks!