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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

5/5 Review: Power Game by Christine Feehan

The Ghostwalker series took me a few books to get into, but knowing they were from the talented Christine Feehan, I had total faith in the series.  Power Game didn't disappoint.  It ticks off all the things you need in a book; great storyline, strong characters and something to dig your teeth into.
Power Game is about the powerful Ezekial “Zeke” Fortunes and the family he has grown to protect.  He has always been there for everyone, forever the protector of his rapidly growing family.  First it was his brothers he protected, but now it includes their mates and their children.  Ofcourse there is Nonny too, the beloved mother to Ezekial and his team mates.
Bellisia Adams is the woman that opens his heart.  The moment he smells her scent; touches her hand it is his undoing.  She was born to be his mate.  Also genetically enhanced, she really is his other half to his soul. 
Bellisia is specially enhanced to camouflage into her surroundings while Ezekial is a super soldier you don’t want to mess with.  Someone wants him and his kind dead and their path is straight into the swamp haven that has become their safe place.
Their journey is a very dangerous one where they need to twist around ever increasing danger and learn to trust each other to survive.
I loved all the characters in this book, they are all so likable. 

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