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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

For the love of a Goblin Warrior by Shona Husk

Shona Husk's latest novel, For the love of a Goblin Warrior (Shadowlands #3) was a brilliant piece of writing.  Stories about Goblins aren't usually the books I grab, but i'm glad I did this time as it didn't disappoint.  

Nadine is a 26 year old nurse trying to lead a normal life after finding out her father has been released from jail after serving a 20 year prison sentence for the murder of her mother where she was sole witness.  Nadine can’t remember a single detail about the event, but she has been led to believe it was his fault.  Her life changes the night two police men bring in a dirty, dusty man that can’t speak a word of English.  She can see something gentle in him that she can’t turn away and there starts the magical journey between Nadine and Meryn.

Meryn doesn't recognize the world as it is today as for the past 200 millennium he has been locked away in the shadow lands.  His escape is still a mystery to him and as he learns how he escaped and about the world today he beings to realise that Nardine and him have a stronger connection other that the mutual lust growing between them.

Join in their struggles to find the truth needed to be found to bring true love together.

A great book deserving a wonderful rating of 4 hearts.

Centuries ago, Meryn was thought to be utterly lost--all traces of his soul given up to the ravening goblin horde. But with the curse that enslaved him now broken, he must once again learn to walk in the realm of men. Nurse Nadine Gilbert likes working the night shift to avoid her disturbing dreams, but her mysterious new patient looks hauntingly familiar. Meryn knows he doesn't deserve a second chance, but Nadine brings out his long-buried human side. Telling her the truth about his violent past could destroy their fragile trust. Could she ever believe in the love of a Goblin Warrior?

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. Shona Husk

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