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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Dragon’s Desire by Eva Weston


Chained in the dungeon of Black Rock Keep, the dragon seeks escape...

The Moon whispers in the shadowy darkness as Princess Tania senses a chained dragon in her father's dungeon. Curious and enthralled, she searches fro the mystical moon dragon and instead discovers a man that she desperately yearns to touch and who, in return, desires her to bend to his will and mark her as his.

The dragons are slowly dying and the one person who could breathe life back into them is the daughter of their hated enemy, King Polas.

Witness the birth of the Dragonkin.

Who does not like a little romance and Dragons? Well Eva Weston's newest series is sure to be a wonderful success. I look forward to following this series and see where the story goes. Ever wonder what could happen if Dragons were actually roaming the Earth and there was a way to keep them from extiction? If you are into romance as well as mythological creatures then you will enjoy Eva's series as well.

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