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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: Devoured by Darkness by Alexandra Ivy

Now she was too weak to call upon her shadow walking powers, and too far from Caine to call for his help.But her hasty plan had fallen apart right from the start.She shivered, her mouth dry. Christ. She’d thought she was being so clever when she’d initially allowed the vamp to catch her scent. She’d hoped to lure him, along with the other intruders, away from Caine’s private lair. What she didn’t know was…Vampires not only possessed supernatural speed and strength, but they could shroud themselves in shadows, making them impossible to sense, even to most demons. It was only because she had the power of Jinn blood running through her veins that she could detect the relentless leech following her mad dash through the tunnels. Reaching a small cavern, she came to an abrupt halt, shoving her fingers through the short, spiky strands of her brilliant red hair, her black eyes searching the shadows for her pursuer.She was tired of being chased by an enemy she couldn’t see. Laylah was tired.
Latest book in the Guardians of Eternity series. I really like Ivy's heroes, and like those who have come before him, Tane is dark, solitary, and deadly and has 'something' in his past but he isn't handicapped by it . I figure immortals should be able to get over it or get therapy. I also like how Tane spends a fair amount of time in denial about how important Layla truly is to him, even though he never denies his physical attraction to her. I also like Layla too, she has the prerequisite stubbornness necessary to hold her own against an immortal alpha male, and yet is still vulnerable due to the funkiness of her powers and the isolation that her djinn blood has forced on her.

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